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Pictures of Four Card's Offspring.


 2010 Red Roan Filly. This is a first from this mare and Four Card. She was about 2 days old in these photos. The mare is Queen of the Skips, and belongs to Pat Givens of Double G Farm in Foley, AL.


    2010  ApHC Black colt. This is a full brother to the filly below. He is also owned by Russ Moore from Foley, AL.                

                   2009 ApHC filly out of Four Card and a Lepoard app mare.


                  This filly named Stormy belongs to Russ Moore of Silverhill, AL.

                          She is only 1 week and 5 days old in these photos!




This is Rusty, 2006 chesnut gelding. His mother was a chesnut appaloosa, with a few snowflakes on her rump. Rusty does not have any app. characteristics. Today he is 15.1 hands and weighs about 1100 lbs. He is doing very well under saddle. He belongs to Judy Rowland of Foley, AL.

Updated photos of King Fritz Chips CL


King Fritz Chips CL 2007 Red Roan Colt. This pictures were taken at a few months old. His dam was a black mare. He currently belongs to Claude Lipscomb of Black and Blue Quarter Horses in Foley, AL.

         Updated photos of Miss Dainty Card CL.                                              

Miss Dainty Card CL 2007 Gray Filly. These pictures were taken as a weanling. Her dam was a gray mare. She currently is owned by Claude Lipscomb of Foley, Al.




 Updated photo of Mrs. Copperbottom CL



Mrs. Copperbottom CL 2005 Filly. Her dam was a buckskin mare. She is currently owned by Russ Moore of Silverhill, AL.  Update: Claude Lipscomb now owns this great filly. He was her origianl breeder.





Four Dainty Gray CL 2005 Gray Mare. Full Sister to the gray filly at the top of this page. Owned and sold by Claude Lipscomb. 



Best Blue Chips CL, 2004 Blue Roan Mare. This mares dam was a blue roan that now lives in Whales in the UK. This beautiful filly belonged to Claude Lipscomb of Foley, AL.



2004 Appaloosa Colt. Joker was born at Black and Blue Quarter Horses and now lives in Northern Alabama. He is a full brother to the filly born this year in 2009!


This is an updated photo of Joker taken this year.  He's definately doing very well on the show circuit!





                  AS A FOAL!

Chief, 2007 ApHC Colt. This colt belongs to Claude Lipscomb of Black and Blue Quarter Horses. We'll have updated photos of this colt soon! He is 2 years old this year! He too is also full brother to  "Sunshine".